‘This picture was taken 2 hours before I was bullied in front of my entire school. They made a mockery of me.’: Teen stands up against bullying, ‘I cheered in front of them with a smile’

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“This picture was taken two hours after I was made fun of and bullied in front of my entire school at a pep rally.

You wouldn’t know, would you?

Friday afternoon a group of kids decided to embarass me and make a mockery of me in front of the school. My senior year pep rally, my senior cheer night… this was the day they decided to put me down. Even after standing up for myself, they continued on with their foolish comments.

Later that night, I stepped onto the field with my family. I cheered friday night in front of the same people who tried to ruin that day/night for me. I cheered in front of them with a smile on my face.

Courtesy of Noelle Tyre

What if I was battling self-harm and you didn’t know? What if I was already on the verge of breaking? What if your one careless act resulted in me taking my own life?

Now, let me ask you this. Are you proud of your accomplishments? Are you proud that in order to have fun, you have to put others down? Are you proud?

You are lucky that I’m strong enough to realize you’re not worth it. You are lucky that I’m smart enough to have some class. You are lucky.

This shouldn’t happen to anyone. If you see something happening and you don’t speak out against it, you’re just as guilty.

After the situation happened, I couldn’t stop wondering, ‘Why me?’ But then I realized I was asking the wrong question. The question that should be asked is, ‘Why do it at all?’ It doesn’t matter that it was done to me, it matters that it happened. It’s unacceptable. If you see somebody being made fun of or know that something is going to happen, speak up. If nothing else, just say, ‘that’s not funny’ and let that sit with them.

Bullying isn’t okay no matter who it happens to. I challenge every one who reads this to stand up against bullying. A simple, ‘Thats not funny.’ Because it’s not.

This is not made up. This is not a lesson to learn out of a book. This is real life. This happens everyday.

Please share this post. Don’t let small town problems stay in a small town. Raise awareness. Parents teach your kids. ‘Be nice’ doesn’t work anymore. ‘Be the change’ is what you should tell your kids. ‘Be the difference.'”

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Courtesy of Noelle Tyre

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