‘Imagine if we stopped beating ourselves up and just saw ourselves as our children see us? As everything.’

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“Imagine if we stopped beating ourselves up for our perceived screw ups, and actually saw them for what they were? As victories.

When there is a pile of dishes in the sink, doesn’t mean laziness, it means children who are well fed.

Loads of laundry? Children who are kept warm and clothed

Toys sprawled all over the floor? Children’s play and creative time.

Screaming, tantrum throwing and doors slamming? A space where everyone feels loved and safe enough to voice their frustrations. Noise means communication, and communication is everything. A silent home is not a happy one.

All the times we snapped and yelled because we care, we really care… and the fact that we are remorseful and sorry, means we are humans who make mistakes and want to learn. Something valuable to pass on to our children.

The mess, the toys, the dishes, they merely just show the surface of invisible victories of every day. The nurturing, the kissing of the boo boo’s, the serious chats and the love, reassurance and full stomachs are somewhere in the folds of clean laundry.

Imagine we stopped beating ourselves up and just saw ourselves as our children see us? As everything.

So, when you’re asked, ‘what did you do all day?’

Save the world, is an acceptable answer.”

Mother who tells other mother's to go easy on themselves smiles in selfie with toddler son
Laura Mazza

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