It’s My Wish For Every Mama To See Herself In The Eyes Of Her Children — To See Herself As Perfect

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“It is my wish for every mama to see herself in the eyes of her children.

To see that the woman who towers over them is also gentle and intentional, in a world where most are just reckless and passing by.

To see the less complicated version of who you are and how you feel.

To see the drooping, bloated shape of our stretched out bodies as a safe haven and home. As comfort.

To unload the complexities of what’s inside your head and see only the total goodness your child sees.

To be not wise enough to know what wrinkles are.

To be kinder to you, than YOU are to you, and to recognize just why they are.

To see the delicate balance of life and all its tiny nuances stitched up into a woman in a messy bun who always saves the day.

To see the chicken nugget slingin’, craft makin’, play-date-planning friend who never lets them down.

To see yourself for who you really truly are; to see yourself as a woman.

To see yourself as perfect.

To see yourself as ‘Mama,’ just like your children see you.”

mother lays in bed with her daughter both are smiling
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