‘It doesn’t have to get ugly if you don’t want it to. You have a choice in who you are and how you love yourself.’: Woman shares important lessons in becoming your best self

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“Thoughts are only a small part of this experience. But lets face it, they’re the most in our face, so sometimes they feel most personal and precedent.

Mine even speak in my voice: ‘I am bad. I am weak. I am unwanted.’

And they’re our thoughts – our most vulnerable truths, only known to us – so we trust that their vision is adequate. Even though we can’t really trust ourselves to bypass a cookie when we start a new diet.

It feels complicated, I get it.

But let me tell you this: we are not just simply what we think about who we are. You’re not fat just because you ate a cookie.

You can feel bad without being bad. You can feel angry without being and acting angry; feel sad without being sad. And the truth of it all is really this… it doesn’t have to get ugly if you don’t want it to get ugly.

Why is it so much easier to indulge in self defeat than it is to bask in our success?

You have the power to change your version of your truth, to put your mind to work. To be molded by the experiences we inherit and prevail from, not to merely be defined by them.

Life is all about becoming. Even if you don’t understand what it is exactly that you’re becoming.

It’s going up against your most inner thoughts alone and fighting that good fight. It’s defending yourself – against yourself.

And the funny thing is a lot of us will never even arrive to our becoming in full tact because most of us will listen to those inner thoughts; a lot of us will quit.

But not me. I put those thoughts to bed. I am embracing my becoming.

‘I can do this. I am strong.’ I repeat.

I am quieting the thoughts that talk down to me, not becoming the thoughts I think.

‘I am good. I am valued. I am loved.’ Think, then become. I repeat.

You have a choice in who you are, how you love yourself, and how the world loves you back – you just have to choose it.

You can do this. You are more than this moment. More than the next. You only become what you make the choice to manifest.

Think kind thoughts to yourself. After all, you’re the only one who can hear them.”

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