‘Our new normal needs adjusting. Extend your arm; we cannot continue to settle for convenience.’: Woman urges ‘be the change you wish to see in the world’

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“We were taught grammar and language.

Nobody mentioned the proper navigation of emojis, stereotypes, and social media would be equivalent to our social ranking.

That a heart, thumbs up, or a like button could make us feel fulfilled.

Most of us were taught to socialize and interact and do as we were taught.

Not that the weight of a computer click could change somebody’s life.

Or end it.

Mixing black and white was a pivot for mankind.

Identifying that magical balance of life inside of the ‘grey area’ unveiled hope for a new kind of normal.

For one race: the human race.

In a world of grey area, we were taught not to search for black and white – that there *is no* difference between the two.

So, now – we are so privileged we cannot see what that difference is.

Just because it’s what we were taught, doesn’t mean it’s how it should be.

If a fortune teller told you it was going to be this way, would you have listened?

Anything that might come across as magical, is automatically taken for crazy.

But with all the unnoticed red flags and blaring warning signs, I can’t help but suggest that our new normal needs adjusting.

We cannot continue to settle for convenience.

Every day feels more like 1955 and as for Rosa Parks…

She still sits on that bus.

But now, instead of writing about it in history books – we pick up our phones and tape her.

Instead of sitting next to her, we drop a heart reaction and get on with it.
Another hashtag nobody prepared us for.

Now, it’s more rebellious to be empathetic than it is to break the law.

I’m sad to say a fortune teller can’t tell you what science and history already have.

We must do more than listen.

In a world where we’re beginning to think for ourselves, it is vital to speak up.

Open up your eyes.

Extend your arm.

Take a seat on the bus.

At your greatest opposition, you must face yourself and make a choice.

Put the phone down and do better.

Be better.

You were taught to be the change you wish to see in the world.

It’s time to rise up and be it.”

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