‘I’m the machine and he takes care of me. He’s the oil to our well-tuned ride. His devotion is the gasoline.’: Wife praises husband for selfless devotion

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“They always say women change after kids.

It’s the most selfless gift a mother can give, carrying and raising a human.

They don’t as often praise the man who gave a mother her blessing.

A mother’s love is selfless, without a shadow of a doubt.

But the heart of a man who still gives 110% fully knowing he will never have that much of you again, knowing that sacred place now belongs to, or is shared with, his children?

That’s special.

That’s strong.

Staying home unaccompanied all day gets my cheeks all hot. It’s been four years since I’ve been alone.

The last time he was alone, he was driving to work.

He gives me space in ways a mother needs, that only a father can offer, in ways only he can see.

He gets off work and takes our daughter out, so I can have 30 minutes to decompress from the day.

He asks me all the time: ‘What can I do for you?’

I do the easy stuff: the chores, the socializing, minding logistics, sorting of the laundry.

I’m the machine.

It’s him that does the hard job; he takes care of me.

He’s the oil to our well-tuned ride.

His devotion is the gasoline.

The very best thing about riding shotgun in the vehicle of fatherhood is watching him teach his children the best example of how a mother should be loved.

It’s getting to be on the receiving end of that love, and hoping someday my daughter meets a love, just like her father.”

wife on husbands back kissing his head as they take a picture
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