Dear Women: You Are ALLOWED To Depend On A Man

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“I’ve seen the blogs and heard the comments from other women telling girls and young women to never depend on a man. As if somehow depending on a man is weak or makes you less of a woman…

Well, then call me weak and less than because I depend on this man right here.

He’s the one that hears me when my words are too soft for anyone else to hear.

He’s the one that stands by my side but steps away to let me lead when it’s my time.

He’s the one standing in the background saying ‘You’ve got this but I’m right here’.

He’s the one that walks the trenches and valleys with me without wavering.

He’s the one that I’ve counted pennies with when we were poor and just living on love.

He’s the one that reminds me every single day that he in fact wouldn’t be the man he is today if it wasn’t for me.

He’s the one that takes over parenting when the weight of the world is on my shoulders in motherhood. The one that I can count on to remind me I don’t need to have this whole motherhood thing figured out, I just need to keep loving those babies right where they are and everything else will fall into place.

He’s the one that’s been there when my world has come crashing down to help me pick up the pieces and maybe even help me leave a few things behind.

He’s my home base, safe place to land and the one who says he will always be there to help me carry whatever life throws at me and when it’s too heavy, he will carry it for me until I can.

I’m not scared to say I depend on him for so much and that doesn’t make me weak.

In fact it takes a strong person to depend on someone else with their whole heart.

Sure he’s going to make mistakes, I will too but while I’m sitting here depending on this man, he’s showing our sons how to be the kind of man that a woman can depend on and I’m showing them that a strong woman knows how to depend on a man without losing herself along the way.”

Husband sitting in booth of restaurant whose wife says it's okay for women to depend on their husbands
Nikki Pennington

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