Kids With ‘Show Up’ Parents Become ‘Show Ups’ Themselves

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“I come from a long line of Show Ups.

My dad was my Show Up guy.

When I was young, every night he showed up by my bedside to tell me how much he loved his ‘Princess’ and how proud he was of me.

Every night.

I grew up feeling a sense of worthiness. My dad filled me with affirmations.

When I was sick, he showed up. With Nyquil or chicken noodle soup.

When I was in the ER for any reason or all the reasons, he showed up.

It was difficult for him to sit still, so he wandered and walked and left and came back. But he showed up.

At all of my school activities and my kids’ school activities and birthdays and celebrations, he always showed up.

With the WORST jokes, too.

He had a pocketful all ready.

Literally. Had his jokes books nearby.

He was always the Show Up dad.

He taught me to show up.

When he had a stroke a few weeks ago, he was met with a Show Up daughter.

ER visits, appointments, hospitalizations, rehab.

I showed up for it all.

I helped him get into the car, slowly, so slowly, before the stroke took away his right side completely.

I waited in rooms. Waiting rooms. ER rooms.

Waited in doctor rooms for shattering news it was indeed a stroke.

I show up today at his rehab to surprise him.

It is mid-week and I just got off work and his rehab is over an hour away.

But I am a Show Up.

Because daughters who grow up with a Show Up dad become Show Up’s themselves.”

daughter with dad
Courtesy of Melissa Neeb

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