11 Low-Key Valentine’s Day Date Ideas For Busy Couples

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Valentine’s Day has a reputation for being an extravagant holiday. For couples with kids or busy work schedules, it can feel impossible to schedule a romantic evening. With these low-key Valentine’s Day date ideas, you can fit in a romantic date whether it’s after the kids have gone to bed or you and your partner have come home after a long day at work. 

1. Movie Night

Movies are a classic date night idea for a reason; it’s a great opportunity to snuggle up. Whether you love laughing at a classic comedy, working out the pieces to a psychological thriller, or swooning over romance films, cuddle together and simply relax. Transform your living room with lots of blankets and pillows for a truly cozy experience. 

2. Home Wine Tasting

If you and your partner love tasting new wines but can’t get to a winery, bring the winery home to you. Each of you can pick out a small selection of 2–3 wines and then taste them together. If wine isn’t your thing, mix it up with craft beer or cocktails.  

3. Living Room Picnic

Going out to a restaurant may not be in the cards for you, so order food instead! Set up a cozy blanket in the living room, put on some soothing romantic music, and indulge in a dinner date. The best part is there’s much less clean-up than if you decided to cook. 

4. Bookstore or Library Date

Sometimes simple dates can be the most fun and if you and your partner love to read, it’s exciting to buzz around your local bookstore or library. Look at the selection, perusing both new books and classics. Books are a great way to start some different conversations you may not engage in otherwise. This Valentine’s Day date idea is one you can do any time of day, so it’s easy to fit it in when you can.

5. Morning Coffee Date

Evening dates aren’t always an option and there’s no reason you can’t have a morning date. Meet at a local coffee shop or brew coffee at home and sit together simply enjoying each other’s company. Focus on your partner, providing undivided attention, because you’re probably not always able to get quiet moments like this.

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6. Scenic Drive

Driving together with your partner can force you to give attention – and in a good way! The confines of being together can feel intimate, even with an activity as simple as driving. Get in the car and see where the road takes you, whether it’s to a scenic area in the middle of nowhere or a housing development with gorgeous homes that inspire you. 

7. Board Game Night

Board games are great for fun dates, especially for couples who love a little friendly competition. Choose a classic board game or something new you’ve never played before. If video games are more your style, play some of those instead.

8. DIY Spa Night

Going to the spa can be a luxurious experience, but it doesn’t leave room for making connections. Opt for a DIY spa night at home for a more intimate Valentine’s Day date idea. Give each other massages with fragrant massage oil or enjoy relaxing face masks. 

9. Stargazing

Quality time outdoors may not be in the forecast if you live in a colder climate, but if the weather permits, a night spent stargazing could be a very romantic way to spend your Valentine’s Day. Find a quiet spot in your own backyard or a public park, somewhere with plenty of room to see the night sky. Spread out a blanket, lay beside each other, and spend some time stargazing.

10. Exchange Love Letters

Writing love letters has become something of a lost art in the days of technology. Recreate this romantic gesture of the past and write love letters to each other. Sit together on the couch and exchange the letters, reading through them together, and toast to your love.

11. Go Tech-Free

Technology can feel incredibly consuming, whether it’s spending time on your phone or streaming movies and TV shows. Consider ditching all devices on Valentine’s Day and just sit with your partner. Let the conversation flow by discussing whatever crosses your mind, from dream vacations you want to take to renovations you’d like to do to your home.

Enjoying a simple Valentine’s Day with your loved one could be one of the most perfect date ideas you’ve had in years. Quiet moments can be a beautiful reminder that your love is incredibly deep and you can enjoy each other without extravagance.

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