Miranda Lambert Abruptly Stops Concert When She Sees Soldier’s Sign, Breaks Down Crying On Stage

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Country superstar Miranda Lambert isn’t afraid to show her fans her raw emotions, but then again it’d be pretty hard to hold back the tears during a moment like this one.

While singing the first verse of her hit song “The House That Built Me” in Hartford, Connecticut, she noticed a fan in the audience holding up a big sign on white poster board. This took place in August 2016, but it’s still just as powerful today as it was back then.

As Miranda read the words written on the sign, she was visibly touched. Then, she was too distracted to keep singing.

She abruptly stopped and walked right over to the edge of the stage towards the person holding the sign — a combat veteran named Jeff Tudisca. She took the poster from him and proudly held it up so everyone else could read the powerful words:

“3 combat tours. Your voice was the last thing I listened to EVERY NIGHT! THANK YOU!!!”

According to Joseph Wenzel IV, News Editor at WFSB, reported, “Tudisca, who served in the United States Army, went to Afghanistan and Iraq twice. He said the only voice that would soothe him to sleep was Miranda Lambert’s. For those three tours, it was just a one-way connection…her music and his peace. After seeing the country star on tour five times, he wanted to finally let her know what she meant to him.”

Then came the tears as Miranda struggled to get through the rest of the song without completely breaking down. It was so difficult for her, in fact, that she walked away to grab her drink and let the crowd step in for the duration of the song.

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