‘Pray for the kind of man that will lay next to your 13-year-old, on the bathroom floor, because she can’t keep a drop of water down.’: Woman encourages others ‘Do. Not. Settle.’ when it comes to finding the perfect soulmate

“Young ladies, when the season of life comes and you’re starting to pray for a spouse to spend your life with… pray for the kind of man that will lay next to your future 13-year-old, on the bathroom floor, praying over her because she can’t keep a drop of water down. Pray for a man that will carry her down the stairs, to the car, and spend all night in the hospital by her side. Pray for a spouse that will consistently put you and your children first, above himself — but NOT above the Lord.

Pray for a spouse that will wake up at 6:30 a.m. on Sunday and gather his family around to lead them to the House of God. Because, if he can wake up at 4:30 a.m. on Saturday to hunt… he can wake up at 6:30 a.m. on Sunday to lead his family to salvation.

Young lady, trust me when I tell you, after 15 years of marriage, three kids, a baby in Heaven, many devastating trials, and lots of heartache; you need to make sure the man you give your life to is the man God has sent you.

Do. Not. Settle.

No amount of waiting for a husband is worse than settling for the wrong spouse, and losing years of your life living outside of the will of God.

Just wait. And while you wait, pray the Lord will not only prepare your future spouse, but will prepare you to be the kind of wife He is leading you to be.

Wait for the one God has for you. Don’t give pieces of yourself away to every man who crosses your path and shows you a little affection.”

Courtesy Kari Boyer

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