Before Saying ‘I Do,’ Bride Surprises Groom With Glasses So He Can See Colors For The First Time

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Claire and Camden Johnson of Indianapolis own their own business called Sea Jay Films. The married couple, who met when they were teenagers, are wedding filmmakers.

For Claire and Camden, the following clip represents “one of the sweetest moments we have ever captured between a bride and groom.” And that says a lot, considering how many weddings they’ve been a part of.

Before exchanging their vows, Karli and Ty arranged to take some photos during the traditional “first look” — and that’s when Karli surprised her groom with EnChroma glasses.

Ty is colorblind and therefore unable to see vivid colors like most people can. He wasn’t able to be as involved with picking out colors and themes for their wedding as he would’ve liked.

So, Karli decided to give her new husband the gift of a lifetime. EnChroma glasses, which can cost about $350 per pair, give colorblind people the chance to see in color.

His reaction is priceless.

Even the couple’s photographer, Toni Price, will be forever touched by this amazing moment. “Ty kept saying, ‘WAIT! You guys get to see this everyday!?’ I think of that moment often, what I take for granted. But I’ll tell you what I’m not taking for granted, being this amazing couple’s wedding photographer,” she wrote on her website.

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