Kelly Clarkson’s Husband Secretly Walks On Stage, Takes Guitarist’s Place During Emotional Song

It was Kelly Clarkson’s last stop on her most recent Meaning of Life Tour, and she was ready to sing her heart out to her most emotional song to date. According to its Wikipedia page, “Piece by Piece” is a song written “in a first-person narrative to her father, whose neglect of his family was used as a juxtaposition to her husband’s unconditional love for her and their daughter, whom they both promised to never abandon.”

Accompanied by her acoustic guitarist in Greenville, South Carolina, Kelly was just nearing the song’s big finale when another man quietly emerged on stage behind her. It was none other than Brandon Blackstock himself — Kelly’s husband since 2013 — and she had no idea!

Brandon ended up totally replacing Kelly’s usual guitarist, and even as the fans screamed in excitement over the unexpected guest, she was still completely clueless as to what was taking place behind her.

In the clip below, watch as the American Idol alumni turns around to see her doting husband accompanying her on his guitar. Her reaction is absolutely priceless, and he couldn’t have picked a better song during which to surprise her.

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