‘The waiting and the wonder. That girl, that belly, those aches. That ‘we’re doing this’ feeling.’: Mom reminisces on sweet childbirth memories

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“I drove by the hospital you were born at the other day. 

Isn’t it strange how places hold our memories too?

That girl, that belly, those aches. 

That ‘we’re doing this’ feeling. 

The ‘baby’s coming now’ rush. 

It all came back.

The parking garage; your dad with bags. 

The waiting and the wonder

All in those walls. 

The nervous departure and the clean car seat (is it in right?). 

My body rearranging, contracting; yours sleeping so new. 

Summer is just starting. 

Then two years later, a soft snowfall when we met your sister; when everything was new again. 

The apartment we called home for so many years, just around the corner from that hospital; a king sized bed that held so many long sleeps. 

So near and so far. 

Who were those kids?

Who are these parents?

Now, we go home to our home — the only home you know so far, besides me and that body, before we went into this hospital that day.”

newborn baby lays swaddled in a blanket with a hat on
Courtesy of Cassie Shortsleeve

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