‘I imagined being among the living again, crawling out of the cave called stay-at-home motherhood.’: Mom shares frustrations trying to re-enter the workforce

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“I’m a stay-at-home mom who didn’t get the job.

I imagined there would be a big steak, with an extra side of crispy crowns for dinner when I did.

I imagined my husband coming home from work with flowers. I imagined him saying, ‘Congratulations baby, you did it!’

I imagined paying off my student loans instead of paying expanding interest on the principal.

I imagined having access to health insurance and a 401k to match my skill set.

I imagined paying a mortgage on my own home – not rent on someone else’s.

I imagined stability for my kids after retreating from the workforce for four years, on one slim income to raise them.

I imagined more for my family by now, imagined my kid watching me soar.

I imagined social blooming for me, life-long friends for my kid.

A normal schedule, sunlight at the end of a very dark and trying tunnel.

I imagined being among the living again, crawling out of the cave called stay-at-home motherhood.

I imagined adult interactions and a brand new enthusiasm for human contact.

I imagined all the situations, education, and time leading up to this moment and how they all led to this one.

Full-time mom and powerhouse, I imagined.

A first interview, a second, a third with a facility tour! It felt like it was finally in my reach.

But I couldn’t have it all.

‘I’m calling with bad news,’ they said.

I imagined being defined by my career. Then, just as quickly, I imagined being defined by a lack of one.

I imagined a complicated and lonely truth about stay-at-home motherhood I hadn’t been told before. I imagined the feeling of being 10 years old and being told a career woman and motherhood would be mutually exclusive.

I imagined a world where going to work was a luxury for women, and staying at home was a full-time, paying job.

I imagined if, comprehensively, all the things I mastered as a stay-at-home mom could be listed as experience, I’d be overqualified.

‘It was a difficult decision,’ they said.

I imagined it was.”

mom looks stressed while looking at computer completing work, hands resting on her forehead
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