‘I rocked a 30-pound ‘baby’ for hours. I’ve stayed up to make sure she wasn’t gasping for air.’: Mom says that parents ‘sign up to be full-time employees to the cutest bosses around

“This is the moment I clocked in as a full-time employee.

An employee with no sick days, no breaks, and working double-time on holidays.

This was the day I gave up my privacy, my solitude, and my sanity.

This is the day I put someone else before me for the rest of my life. Including today.

Courtesy Jessica Edmisten

BOY, do I miss our liquid gold days.

For the last two days, I’ve stayed up in the wee hours of the night to make sure she wasn’t gasping for air, religiously checked her temperature and administered medicine when we were up for the next dose.

This means I had to find coverage at work one day and a suitable sitter for the next (thank you, Auntie Alli).

This means I caught vomit in my hands and had spit particles coughed up in my face.

This means I rocked a 30-pound ‘baby’ for hours.

This means I held my child down against her will, SCREAMING, so she could receive steroids to help her breathe.

This means wiping countless boogies and saline wrestling matches.

This means no bathroom trips alone, plans canceled, and blog work on the back burner.

This day, the last two days, and a couple more days to come are one of the harder times.

But you are, like me, a parent for the good days, the bad days, and the sick days. Because there are no days off once you start this full-time gig.

I’ll see you all out there too, for all the days. From the first step day to the first sick day to the first day of school to the first heartbreak to the day they get married, we will be there with open arms because as parents, we signed up to be full-time employees to the cutest bosses around.”

Courtesy Jessica Edmisten

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