‘We’ll discuss this later.’: Mom discovers daughter’s nipple piercings during x-ray

“My name is Sydney Allen and I’m a 20-year-old college student from Clearwater, Florida.

And today, my mom found out I got my nipples pierced.

I’m currently taking a year off to focus on my health as I was recently diagnosed with syringomyelia (build up of spinal fluid in the spinal cord) caused by Chiari malformation (essentially brain leakage).

This appointment was one of my checkups to make sure my condition isn’t worsening. The X-ray was to check the alignment of my spine and shoulders as well as gut inflammation. Alignment is supposed to help alleviate some of the pain.

I asked the doctor if I should take the piercings out, and he said it was fine – they wouldn’t interfere with the images and I didn’t think it would be in the X-rays since it was checking on my spine.

After the X-rays, we went in the office and he pulled that one up. The doctor and I were laughing but my mom was NOT. She kept her composure with the doctor and just said, ‘We’ll discuss this later,’ and I stopped laughing at that point.

After talking with her about it and explaining how no one will know unless I want them to, since I’m never shirtless, she understood and wasn’t too upset. I got them done in June and initially planned on never telling her cause she is on the conservative side when it comes to piercings and tattoos. But I learned that she is actually very understanding when I just explain my side and point of view.

It’s been a really cool experience because I replied to someone on Twitter explaining why I got the X-ray and that I have Chiari malformation and a couple of people have reached out telling me about their experience with it and we trade stories and doctor referrals with someone I’ve never met, so it’s pretty awesome having this go viral.

Also, now my mom thinks it is a really funny picture and she loves asking about how many retweets the tweet gets. She checks more than me!”


Daughter with nipple piercings stands smiling beside mother who are both in dress and heels
Courtesy Sydney Alle

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