‘Please don’t let my baby die’: Dallas police officer comforts 3-month-old crash victim

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Dallas police Sgt. Donald Boice is pulling on heartstrings for cuddling and singing to a 3-month-old baby after his family was involved in a terrifying rollover car crash.

“Please, God, not another one tonight — and especially with kids involved,” Boice said he prayed on the way to respond to the call, The Dallas Morning News reports.

Boice reportedly had already worked a fatal crash on his overnight shift and was concerned this call would also be deadly. Fortunately, that was not the case.

Photos of the sergeant comforting the baby boy, Jaxon, to distract him from the chaotic scene as first responders treated his parents and cleared the wreckage have gone viral. People are commending Boice for showing a side of the police force the public doesn’t often get to see.

Boice, a 12-year police veteran, didn’t even need to respond to the call because the Dallas County Sheriff’s Department was leading the investigation, but he told the newspaper he went to scene of the crash anyway because children were involved, and he wanted to make sure they were safe.

“Please don’t let my baby die, please don’t let my baby die,” the parents pleaded with him after the crash.

After ensuring the children involved in the crash were fine, Boice reportedly comforted the horrified mother.

“It means the world to me,” Jaxon’s mom, Tomecia Dodd, told The Dallas Morning News. “It’s amazing that he went from police officer mode to father figure mode. Anyone that has children would understand how much that means to you.”

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