‘Moms will never treat themselves, so it’s up to us to do it for them.’

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“Tonight, I met her after work at late night shopping.

We never go shopping anymore. And when we do it’s usually for a reason. We get in, we get stuff done and we get out. Normally she does the shopping stuff during the week while she’s alone with the boys. Something she use to love has now become a chore.

A lot of the trips result in just giving up because kids are kids and it gets too hard. Well tonight I made her stay while us boys came home to fend for ourselves. She needed her eyebrows done. She needed some make up. She kinda just needed some alone time. There’s nothing worse than not being able to try on a pair of jeans without worrying about someone else. Most of our shopping trips end in the old ‘let’s just go, it’s too hard, they’re tired’. She normally leaves defeated and without the things she needed. It’s hard to feel nice when you don’t feel important.

Tonight, I took the boys home and made her stay. She would never ask because she’s a mom and moms feel guilty when they want something for themselves. They feel selfish for making the kids wait while they desperately try to find something that fits well enough not to make her self-conscious.

Sometimes it’s up to us Dads to let them know we’ve got this… and it’s okay for them to be selfish sometimes.

Moms will never treat themselves like they’re as important as us or the kids… so it’s up to us to do it for them.

She sent me an ‘I love you’ when we were on the way home.

Send her shopping alone and she’ll love you forever.”

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