‘She makes it look easy.’ This picture was snapped by my boss in the middle of a work day at the office. I think more work places can be more flexible.’: Working mom advocates for babies in the workplace, ‘It can be done’

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“My husband and I had our first child 5 months ago, a little girl! I have been working as a chiropractic assistant at a chiropractic office for over 4 years. When I had the baby, my boss was very generous, giving me a 3-month maternity leave. After that, she has allowed me to work from home most of the week and only come into the office once a week. She allows me to bring my baby with me when I come in so we can continue to bond and breastfeed.

This picture was snapped by my boss in the middle of a work day at the office. She thought it was a sweet moment and so did I. We never thought it would get so much attention! We just thought it was a cute picture.

Workin' mamas.🤱She makes it look easy. It helps that Baby Nora-Jo is so sweet and content just being with and near her…

Posted by Maryland Farms Chiropractic on Thursday, December 13, 2018

But as it started to get more attention, we realized it was starting a good conversation about moms in the work place. I know not every office and work environment is conducive for children and babies, but I think more places can be more flexible than they are currently.

It helps tremendously with the cost of daycare. I think many families find it almost makes more financial sense for one parent to stay home, rather than go to work just to have most or all of their checks pay for daycare. And single moms often don’t have the option to stay home at all.

I hope other employers will see this picture and see that it can be done. Depending on the work place, moms can bring their children to work and be productive. I hope more moms in the future will get the opportunity I have – to get to spend every day with my baby, but also contribute to the family income.”

Woman who works as chiropractic assistant stands smiling in office with her baby swaddled to her
Courtesy Melody Jett Blackwell

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