‘Some days, I make myself the butt of the joke. I tell self-deprecating stories. Other days I wonder if I’ll only ever be the butt of the joke. Nothing more.’: Woman discusses ‘heights and the heartache’ of life

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“Some days, I make myself the butt of the joke. I tell self-deprecating stories, and everyone’s laughing, and I TRULY enjoy every second of it.

But some days, I hold a warm pile of laundry close to my chest and cry because I feel insecure and alone. I wonder if I’ll only ever be the butt of a joke. Nothing more.

Some days, I can share my testimony in a room full of strangers and inspire others to chase after Jesus. And some days, I lie in bed, staring at the ceiling fan, wondering if God was ever actually there, or if I’m just a lonely human with an active imagination.

Some days, relationships can feel like a solid rock. And some days, they’re a solid rock, tied to your feet, pulling you down into the water.

Some days are all sunshine and endorphins and hope. While some days are darkness and struggle and hurt.

But the thing you need to know, no matter who you are, is that you are going to experience ALL of it.

The joy and pain. The heights and the heartache.

The dichotomy of it all is what makes us human.

So, whether the sun is shining on your face or the darkness looms heavy over your heart, please remember—this is normal.

This is who we are and what we live and how we feel.

We weren’t made to be all Instagram-filtered and newsfeed-algorithmed.

We were made for organic flaws and messy experiences. These highs and lows, these seasons of living, these shared joys and sufferings…

They are what make us HUMAN.

So, stop believing everything has to be perfect. Because that’s not healthy or normal or real, and it never will be.

What’s true and real, and what you can rely on, is that any time you are hurting, there is a human alive who can empathize with your pain. And anytime you are celebrating, there’s a human alive who would be glad for your joy.

Isn’t that so beautiful?

Despite the fact we feel so divided, the truth is we are closer than most of us ever realized.

Tell your story, my friends. Be authentic, don’t filter out your truth. Love one another, even when it’s messy. Be gentle; this world can be hard on us all.

And always, always be kind.”

Courtesy of Mary Katherine Backstrom

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