‘He never looks around at the messy house and asks, ‘So what exactly did you do all day?’: Stay-at-home mom thanks husband for ‘taking on the financial burden’ of blended family

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“This sign was going to say something completely different—a witty phrase about the challenges of being a stay-at-home mom.

stay at home mom holding her baby and a letter sign thanking her husband for allowing her to be a stay-at-home mom
Courtesy of Stacey Janelle

And while there are challenges for a number of reasons, every stay-at-home-mom has good reasons to vent and express her feelings and frustrations, and I will probably use that witty phrase in a future post.

As I started to fill in my letter board, I had the thought: I wonder how this makes my husband feel?

My husband, who works hard every day so I can stay home with our baby.

Who currently takes on the financial burden of our whole blended family.

Who agreed to my desire of being home with our baby before we even started trying to get pregnant, so we started saving and budgeting way back then.

My husband, who never looks around at the messy house and asks with accusation, ‘So what exactly did you do all day?’

My husband, who knows that taking care of a baby, bigger kids, keeping up on even minimal chores, and cooking is a lot of work and takes a good deal of time management.

selfie of a married couple smiling with their heads close together
Courtesy of Stacey Janelle

My husband, who never looks resentful as he gets ready for work, and I go back to bed with the baby, even though his sleep was disturbed from her nighttime wake-ups as well.

Sometimes, we SAHMs feel like we do a lot that goes unnoticed, and our work can feel like a thankless job.

And sometimes, our husbands might feel the same way. Sometimes we just need to get out of our heads filled with all of our own stresses and frustrations and look at things from a different perspective.

And remember all we have to be grateful for.

And to be clear, I love being home with my baby. It’s all the never-ending housework that really gets to me.”

selfie of a mom smiling and holding her baby daughter who is wearing a white tutu and little bow on her head
Courtesy of Stacey Janelle

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