Grandparents Think Baby’s Gender Is The Big Surprise When Mom Says To Bring In The Secret Twin

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When Victoria and her husband Matthew welcomed their baby into the world, no one was more excited to meet her than Matthew’s parents.

In the clip below, Matthew’s dad walks into the hospital room expecting to meet his very first grandchild. He wanted the baby’s gender to be kept a secret from him until the moment they met. Matthew and Victoria were more than happy to oblige him, so they kept the baby’s sex hidden from his parents for the duration of the pregnancy. (Not an easy feat for many couples, but these two seem to have a knack for keeping things hush-hush.)

Then comes the big moment. It’s a girl! And Grandpa is elated.

But while he happily cradles and rocks baby Elizabeth, taking in every adorable feature on her tiny face, his step-daughter Victoria is about to reveal a much more shocking secret.

“I just gotta go ask the nurse a question,” Matthew tells them, before disappearing from the frame.

In reality, the beaming new dad is going to retrieve a surprise.

You see, there’s a reason Elizabeth was born a little bit smaller than the average baby.

“So… here’s your other granddaughter.”

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