‘He heard I was a birthmother before I ever got the chance to share. He didn’t assume or judge, he offered empathy.’: Teen birth mom shares appreciation for husband’s compassion

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“Sometimes amazing husbands are the unsung heroes behind incredible birth moms. They often shoulder a lot and with little recognition or praise.

I think we all have moments in our life that mark a season of growth. Casey was one of those major life moments for me.

He heard I was a birthmother before I ever got the chance to share my story with him.

He didn’t expect. He didn’t assume. He didn’t judge.

He asked. He held space. He offered empathy.

He was the first person to truly acknowledge my motherhood after placement.

No one really knew how to approach me. Truthfully, he probably didn’t either, but he tried and sometimes that’s exactly what we need.

He bought me a Mother’s Day card our first year together. One of those obnoxiously HUGE ones with a heartfelt message that both validated my emotions and offered hope for my future.

He was different and I knew it.

Husband and wife stand side by side with arms around each other in front of a snowy mountain landscape.
Courtesy of Raquel McCloud

I was head over heels in love.

Truthfully, I still am. The obnoxiously affectionate kind. 17 years together and we still flirt and kiss and gross our kids out.

For a while, before exclusively sharing marriage content for a season, I held back from sharing much about us at all.

I was worried strangers on the internet would assume it was all for show, that no one was ‘that’ in love. That we had some major skeletons to hide.

Inevitably, I decided what they thought was none of my business.

The truth is, much like my children all changed me in different ways, Casey did too.

Not many things in life worth having come easy, but fortunately God granted me some reprieve in my husband.

I wouldn’t be me without him.”

Husband has arms around wife as they stand sideways, taking a picture in front of a snowy mountain landscape.
Courtesy of Raquel McCloud

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