‘He said to my son, ‘Do you really like my shoes?’ The boys will never forget what Quinten did.’: Mom shares act of kindness from stranger, ‘Kindness changes the world’

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“If you have mascara on save this post for later.

Meet Quinten with my son Cannonball.

On our way home, we went to a Starbucks in Georgia.

While in line, Quinten started talking about basketball with the boys. And of course, the boys started complimenting his Jordan’s.

Quinten said, ‘You know boys, as you get older you will realize material things don’t mean that much.’

He then waited for us to get our order.

He said to Cannon, ‘Do you really like my shoes?’

Cannon nodded BIG.

Quinten took of the shoes and handed them to Cannon.

Of course I said, ‘No. Please don’t.’

But nothing I said mattered.

Quinten smiled and walked out of the store—in his socks!!

This is my prayer as a boy mom: Be like Quinten!

Kindness changes the world.

The boys will never ever forget what Quinten did. They experienced something so special!

I am forever thankful for the whole experience and the teaching.

Love, Coach Mummabear.”

Young boy holding Jordan's shoes that the man standing next to them gifted him
Courtesy of Melissa Wiggins

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