‘A young lady in purple scrubs stopped ahead of us. ‘Did you really just do that?’ She teared up.’: Sisters share multiple acts of kindness with compassionate nurse

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“My sister and I had just ended our second of three days on our journey to move my sister from NYC to my home in the South, where she will need to live in an assisted living situation from now on.

She and I went next door of our hotel to an Applebee’s in Fort Payne, AL to celebrate our last night before getting ‘home.’ As we very slowly made our way from the curb to the steps to the door, a young lady in purple scrubs stopped ahead of us and held open the door.

We were still pretty far away, still had four steps to climb. My sister can barely walk and it takes us forever to cover a space like that, so I told the young lady, ‘Thank you, but go on ahead. We’re going to take too long.’

She insisted on waiting for us. I said, ‘l can see from your scrubs you are one of those wonderful nurse/doctor people who are our heroes.’

She replied that yes, she is a nurse. I said, ‘My sister just got out of three weeks in the hospital, and we saw daily how amazing nurses like you are and what a difference you make.’

She smiled, then went on to sit with friends just inside the restaurant. After our dinner, when we summoned over our waiter to get our check, he said, ‘The young woman by the door in the scrubs already took care of it.’

Can you believe that? We walked over to her table as we headed out and said, ‘Did you really just do that?’ She told us she’d had a terrible day and our words made her day and meant the world to her. I started crying a little, and she teared up.

Odd thing about having a moment like this with a stranger while wearing a mask – eyes are all you can see. Hers were pure kindness. I’ll never forget that special moment. My sister and I will NEVER forget her kindness.”

Sisters enjoy breakfast in their hotel the morning after sweet encounter with nurse the night before.
Courtesy of Michelle Brown Baker

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