‘That’s when he started to wipe my tears away with his head’: Woman’s gut-wrenching goodbye video to her beloved 19-year-old dog

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“I have to put my 19-year-old dog down soon. Him and I had a talk recently about letting go, so it can be peaceful when he passes on, instead of being surrounded by strangers. I started to cry mid-conversation, and this is him wiping my tears away.

Simba never was a photogenic dog but I am doing my best to catch memorial moments on my iPhone, and this video is the best yet. I was laying down next to him, reassuring him that everything is going to be okay. Telling him that it’s okay to let go. I can’t imagine how much pain he is in and I do not want him to stay on this earth and suffer because of the thought of his loved ones not being ready to let him go. After I told him I would be okay, I began to cry, and that’s when he started to wipe my tears away with his head, and I was lucky enough to catch it on video.

I adopted Simba 12 years ago when I was only 7 years old. When I walked into the dog shelter and into his gate, he stood on his hind legs and moved his front paws in a begging motion. I immediately knew he was the one. We had an instant connection with each other. I knew this puppy was going to be my childhood best friend.

When he finally got to come home with my mom and I, I was the happiest girl on this planet. Simba is so full life; every family member, friend, and even stranger that has met him fell in love with him at first sight, just as I did. Simba wasn’t your ordinary dog… he was so much more. Simba means the absolute world to me and it breaks my heart watching him go through this. I do not know what I did to deserve such a loving and caring creature.

Mya Davis

When I look at Simba, I see fight, hope, and strength. These past few weeks have been hard for me because I know that his time is near. He’s 19 years old (133 in dog years) and he’s still pushing. I’ve been given an option to euthanize my dog, but I believe that Simba deserves to die a natural death, in the home where he grew. In these final moments, I am making sure that he won’t be alone.

I thank the Man upstairs for allowing me to have such an amazing and loving dog in my life. I wish Simba an eternity of joy and bacon in Doggy Heaven. Thank you Simba, for being you.”

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Mya Davis
Mya Davis

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