‘The neurologist said, ‘All girls your age have seizures. You’re fine, go live your life.’: EDS, epilepsy warrior shares struggles of navigating chronic illness as a black woman

“When the doctor came in, he spoke to me as if he didn’t believe I could possibly have my conditions. I told him my bones, particularly my patellas, needed support and I’d prefer if we didn’t check those, but he insisted. He pushed my kneecaps to the side and then said ‘oops’ as he easily dislocated one.”

‘I can live the life I want because I have Violet by my side, living it with me.’: POTS warrior shares how service dog helped her find her worth

“I lost the ability to walk; I couldn’t stand more than 10 minutes without passing out. I couldn’t eat without severe pain, and my brain felt like it was constantly trying to come out of my eyes. My body found new levels of fatigue, leaving me bedridden most days. The day I brought Violet home, I had no idea the potential contained in this little ball of energy.”

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