‘The television host asked me to join him on stage to receive the ultimate crown of being his Queen.’: Woman shares struggles and fears as a ‘Mom-Boss-Manager’ and domestic abuse survivor

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“Infidelity, money, and the lack of communication are three reasons some marriages end in divorce. I’ve been married three times and the scariest part of this marriage is the chance that it too, could possibly end in divorce. The thought of ending a beautiful courtship, that resulted in a breath-taking proposal on live television, and a relationship with my best friend, is painful.

Courtesy of Damika “Meko” Kelly

My husband, Lawrence, and I met twenty years ago when he was a DJ at WKYS 93.9 Radio Station, where I really wanted to get my music single played. If Lawrence tells it, he will say that he sat in the ‘friend zone’ until a lucky encounter led us to become business partners in our consulting company. Lawrence took our relationship to another level – he planned dates, picked me up, paid for each date, and didn’t flinch when I revealed that I was a survivor of domestic violence and was afraid to fall in love again.

Lawrence made me feel beautiful, special, and he took the time to understand what I needed in a relationship and what my children needed in a father figure. After two years of dating, he received an opportunity to DJ on Fox 5 DC’s Good Day Show. I proudly stood by his side, enamored, and then the television host asked me to join him on stage to receive the ultimate crown of being his Queen.

Today, Lawrence and I own multiple businesses and I’m still employed with a Fortune 500 company, which means that we have totally different schedules and at times spend several days apart. I appreciate my husband’s passion for being a provider and supporting our business goals, but at times I feel guilty for not having enough time to spend with him alone.

Courtesy of Damika “Meko” Kelly

Besides working full-time, managing multiple gigs for the family, and building businesses and brands for others; I’m a mother to three talented children. Our kids, Evan, Taeja, and Riann are creative artists and entrepreneurs, which crowns me the ‘Mom-Boss-Manager’ for our home.

Courtesy of Damika “Meko” Kelly

If you’re stressed reading all of this, imagine how I feel living it every day. Don’t get me wrong, I love what I do and am thrilled to oversee my family empire, but at the end of the day I struggle to find enough time to connect with my man.

Courtesy of Larry Jones or Images by Monroe

I constantly worry about being the best wife, mother, employee, and creative. But the truth is, I’m not afraid to struggle because I know I’m not alone! I imagine the millions of other women, just like me, who aspire to master the art of being the wife every husband prays for. Sometimes I wish I could clone myself to create multiple ‘mini me’s’ to go above and beyond to take care of my husband, kids, career, and manager duties. I’d create an app to organize everyone and still have time to wash and fold laundry, handle errands, and whip up a home-cooked meal every night. But for now, I just pray God continues to give me the strength I need to push forward every day.”

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