I’m An Unreliable Friend And Spouse At Times, But I’ll Never Regret Putting My Kids First 

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“I’ll never regret putting my kids first.

Yes, I’m an unreliable friend and spouse at times, wishy-washy in all other aspects of my life.

But I’ll never regret canceling a dinner to stay home with a child who needs me.

I wouldn’t be enjoying my time out anyway; all I’d be thinking about is my child at home, sick or sad.

And I’ll never regret giving them my time.

And this means putting down my never-ending to-do list, shutting my laptop, my phone, and just being here in the moment enjoying them.

Because when I do that, nothing’s getting done, but we’re making memories.

I’ll never regret saying yes when everything inside of me is screaming no.

When they want me to lay with them for ‘five more minutes.’

When they want one more story or one more kiss or hug.

Because I know they’ll eventually go on and have their own lives, that I’ll no longer be the center of their universe but a supporting role.

But I’ll be happy knowing every moment spent with them has built our relationship into a trusting one,

where they can call me when they fall,

where we accept each other’s differences and support them,

a relationship of mutual respect and love.

And no, I won’t be perfect,

but I’ll always be there, no matter what.

Because even though I don’t love everything about motherhood all the time,

I love everything about them.

And there are no other people in this world I’d rather be with.

So, I’ll never regret putting my kids first.”

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