‘He noticed we were out of whipped cream for my coffee, so we went ahead and made it fresh before 6:30 a.m. because life has been hard lately.’: Spouse shares reminder ‘it’s the little things’

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“Why yes, that is my husband who noticed we were out of whipped cream for my coffee so he went ahead and made some actual fresh whipped cream using the hand mixer before 6:30 a.m. and everything.

He also added chocolate drizzle because life has been hard.

He is my person.

We talk a lot around here about choosing your person.

And the one I choose sets a standard my kids see and I pray take into their hearts.

I tell them all the time he was like this from the start, so they will be able to see it in other people if they look with the right eyes.

It is in the little things they notice, the day-to-day moments that show he cares.

The way he will inconvenience himself at the drop of a hat if he knows it will make my day even slightly better.

The love moments.

I sip my coffee and tuck away this moment and try to find a time when I can do the same for him.

His loving me well makes me a better person.

He makes my coffee.

I save half of my meal every time I go out to eat and let him have the leftovers. (Unless it’s gnocchi, that’s mine. Food love has limits apparently.)

He runs back downstairs for my water bottle when I’m all tucked in and don’t want to get out from under the covers.

I order weird CDs for him off of Amazon that are all bands I’ve never heard of but that make him smile when that little bubble-wrapped envelope comes in the mail.

I love that smile.

We may be deep in the trenches, but this is where it all shows up.

It was easy to do grand gestures and big date nights and just check off that box as love, but those are fleeting things.

It’s the little things that make up every moment of every day.

They can break it too, if we shut each other out and only look out for ourselves.

So we invest in the little things that show love.

And our kids are watching, always, always watching.

They see what matters and they too tuck it away into their hearts; they laugh when we fight over doing the dishes because we both want the other one to sit down.

They act a little grossed out when we kiss in the kitchen but they see our love is still there and that matters.

I just pray that each of our kids chooses someone who whips fresh cream for their coffee and I pray they someday order weird CDs they know their person will love.

And when they do, maybe they will remember the morning their very tired dad took the time to love on their very tired mom.

And then our love will continue through them and through those they love. In a million little ways.

Life is made up of love moments friends.

I hope you have some and give some today as well.

Together we make the world a better place, one cup of fresh whipped cream at a time.”

Courtesy of Amy Betters Midtvedt

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