You Don’t Need A Summer Body—You Just Need A Body, And To Make Damn Sure You Enjoy Your Summer

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“Welp, it’s about that time, folks.

When others are getting their summer bodies ready, and you’re just looking down at yours thinking,

‘Do I really have to?’

And the answer is:

No. No, you don’t.

While it’s hella important to

BE healthy


FEEL healthy,

it doesn’t matter one iota what the hell you look like

— in your bathing suit, your birthday suit, or in anything else for that matter.

For years, I’ve refused to wear shorts.


Out of an irrational fear that my ‘thunder thighs’ would cause permanent eye damage to anyone whose peepers are aimed in my direction.

Out of shame that my once rock-solid from soccer thighs now do a little jello jiggle with every step I take.

Because when I sit, my skin spreads vastly, just like corona did.

And, speaking of corona, the pandemic got me having one too many of those and much more than too many snacks.

Which brings me to McDonald’s, ramen joints, and eating charcuterie boards like they are going out of style.

You know what will never go out of style, though?

Rockin’ self-confidence regardless of how you look.

Listen —

We’ve lived/are still living through a pandemic.

We’re still in one piece.

So freakin’ what if we’re a slightly bigger piece than we were last summer.

This is a PSA that you don’t NEED a summer body.

You just need a body and to make damn sure you enjoy your summer, in shorts, while eating meals.

Thank you for your attention.”

Courtesy of Nicole Merritt

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