10 Things I’ve Learned After 10 Years Of Sobriety

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April 9th marked 10 years of sobriety. I remember thinking ten years seemed like an impossibility, and yet, here we are. It’s been a long time since I’ve made it to an AA meeting, but the foundational pieces I’ve learned are still active practices today. In honor of this big milestone, here are 10 things I’ve learned after 10 years of sobriety:

Set Boundaries

I’d never heard of them and remember the first time I heard the word. It was so foreign. Learning to check in with myself and what I want and need and requesting (or taking it) is a life-changing practice.

Remove Guilt

Guilt is a choice and it doesn’t serve anyone. People talk about regrets, but guilt and shame are far more detrimental – and unnecessary.

Know Your Worth

Self-worth and confidence are everything. Poor life choices are usually a result of a lack of self-worth or self-confidence.

Practice Gratitude

Gratitude and humility. Good things multiply when you focus on them, no matter how small. Gratitude breeds humility.

Progress Over Perfection

Perfection is impossible and prevents action. Just take the first step and keep stepping. So much good happens over time when you focus on progress over perfection. Control is a myth, anyway.

Take It Day By Day

One day at a time. The time will pass either way and you can stack wins or losses, you just have to choose which one you’re stacking.

You’re Not Alone

Everyone is crazy in private. No one’s shame, hardships, or challenges are so special or unique so as to prevent them from great things.


Everyone needs safe spaces where they can fall apart and be supported by others and everyone needs to be able to return the favor. That’s community.

Learn To Halt

Check in with yourself when you’re in your feels. Are you hungry, angry, lonely, or tired? Address that before you address anything else. The issue might just go away once you fix yourself. Or it’ll be much more manageable.

Work For It

It works if you work it. This is true in all personal development systems. Our job is to the work and then let God deliver the results.

Skipping alcohol is worth it, but only if you put in the work. Alcohol is a solution. When you remove alcohol without learning new solutions, sobriety is unsustainable. And if you’re struggling, you can always reach out to me with questions!

Woman celebrating 10 years of sobriety holds a pie with #10 candles in it
Courtesy of Sascha Stucky Schlossberg

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