Fast Food Employee’s Beautiful Act Of Kindness For Stranger With Disability

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Sometimes a little humanity is all it takes to show the world how compassion is all around us.

A fast food employee did just that by assisting a young man with disabilities as he ate.

The customer, who has a “disability of the arms and leg” was assisted at a fast food chain at the North Mall Food Square in Brazil.

Laurinha Victória, who shot the beautiful video, noted: “Today I was taken by emotion with tears in my eyes, seeing this scene at the North Mall Food Square.”

Her video has been viewed more than 11 million times.

As Victória planned to help the disabled man, the employee had arrived at his table, already assisting the stranger.

Victória was overwhelmed with emotion by the “beautiful” scene.

“I came to him and said, what a beautiful gesture you are having.. God bless you,” according to Google translation.

With over 170,000 comments, the video is producing a tidal wave of positivity across Facebook.

One commenter gushed, “That is to do your part to make someone’s life better, and soften the suffering of the other. That’s love.”

Another wrote, “Not everything in this world is lost. Everyday heroes.”

The full post from Victória reads:

“Today I was overwhelmed by emotion with tears in my eyes, when I saw this scene in the food court of North shopping.

The young man with a disability in his leg and arms had already asked me to get his food when he was asked for it.

When I got up, this clerk was already leading me to the table.

The official of the Giraffas restaurant, giving food in the customer’s mouth.

This is true charity, a beautiful thing.

I came to him and said, what a beautiful gesture you are having .. God bless you.”

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