‘Everyone was staring. I’m quietly praying, ‘Please help us.’ Then I look over, and I’m FIGHTING back tears.’: Mom shares touching act of kindness with Walmart employee

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“Meet Conner!

Conner goes out of his way every time to greet Sarah Ava. He talks to her and treats her like she is a typical person.

Courtesy of Sherry Capps

He also asks her questions. He doesn’t mind that she doesn’t answer him back. Her sweet face shows exactly how she feels about him.

A few weeks ago, he heard Ava scream across the store. She was in distress…overstimulated by the lights and the many sounds at Walmart.

Courtesy of Sherry Capps

I felt frantic on the inside…I had to keep her safe while trying to checkout, bagging groceries, and paying the cashier while trying to keep her from eloping the store.

Everyone was staring and I’m quietly praying, ‘Please help us Jesus.’

Courtesy of Sherry Capps

I look over and Conner came over to hold her hand, while repeatedly telling us everything was going to be OK.

I’m FIGHTING back tears.

Courtesy of Sherry Capps

After he calms Ava, he places my groceries in the buggy so I can pay. He holds her hand as I push the cart to the car and then he puts my groceries up in the car.

Conner is a real-life hero. If you see this young man at Walmart, please tell him what a wonderful job he is doing.”

Courtesy of Sherry Capps

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