‘In honor of Betty White, his teacher challenged the class to consider giving to an animal charity. ‘But mama, I’m broke!’: Mom shares touching moment teaching son about money

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“For all the times I buy him too many toys, or cave at Target just so he’ll stop begging, at least I can be comforted by this.

In honor of Betty White, his teacher challenged the class to consider giving to an animal charity.

‘But mama, I’m broke!’ (This is kind of true. He had tons of money after Christmas but took it to the roller rink and lost it.)

‘Bud, you have $5. I try to give 10% of my pay every month.’

‘Well how much is that?!’

I told him and he said, ‘That’s nothing! They can’t do anything with that!’

So we chatted about how every little bit counts and he took out his money and tried to decide how many coins (they each represent a dollar) to give.

‘This is gonna hurt,’ he said, taking a few out.

Then he gave me all 5 and said, ‘I love animals more than I love money.’

And I melted into a puddle on the floor.

Mom takes a photo of her son donating money to charity in honor of Betty White
Courtesy of Jackie Prewitt

Thank you, Jesus!

Most days, I feel like I’m failing as a mom. I forget to feed him on the weekends, sometimes I can’t remember the last vegetable he ate, I fall asleep reading to him…

But today, I was reminded I’m doing a good job.

And mama, so are YOU. So celebrate all the big and small mom wins! We deserve to shout ourselves out!”

Mom and son smile big at hockey game
Courtesy of Jackie Prewitt

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