‘In hospice for weeks, she never woke up. ‘Maybe she’s waiting for something.’ I read the email again, out of breath.’: Adoptee reunites with birth mom, finds siblings right before her passing

“Not even leaving to go to the restroom, I didn’t want to miss a moment if she woke up. She never did. I left that day after saying hello and goodbye to the one person I couldn’t reach. It was such a rush to get up there and such a let down when leaving, and all within a few hours of each other.”

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‘He died as he lived, a hero in every sense of the word.’: Ukrainian-American man dies defending Kyiv from Russian attacks after lifetime of uniting forgotten kids with loving adoptive families

“Serge was shot and killed last night while helping to defend Kyiv from Putin’s Russian forces, reportedly the first American casualty of the war. He didn’t have to be there. As a dual citizen, he could have chosen safety. But he acted exactly the way all who knew him expected him to act; he stood up for those who could not protect themselves.”

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