‘What’s going on?’ She replied, ‘There’s a baby in the trash.’ My heart jumped to my throat.’: Man unexpectedly becomes single dad after taking in abandoned baby

“I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. My eyes prickled with tears hearing the suffering in his voice as he cried. The very next day at the hospital, I was asked, ‘Would you like to be his legal guardian?’ Finding a baby or becoming a dad wasn’t my expectation at all. But I believe God gave me the opportunity to transform Emilio’s life from the TRASH where he was abandoned, to a wonderful TREASURE.”

‘At 18, my mom asked, ‘Would you like to have a letter your birth mom wrote when you were born?’: Adoptee shares beautiful relationship with birth mother, 4 bio siblings

“Before that day, I had not been told my birth mom’s name. After reading her letter, I looked her up online and followed her on Instagram. She instantly messaged me. Growing up, I often wondered what my birth mom would be like, but I never imagined she would be such a beautiful person inside and out.”

‘I could tell by her tone things weren’t good. ‘You’ll need to prepare for her to come pick him up.’: Mom shares journey through 3 failed adoptions to adoption of baby girl

“I was bawling so hard I had to pull off the road for a few minutes to get my composure. All my fears and doubts came flooding to my memory. Why am I doing this? Is it just a waste of time and energy? Is she going to change her mind like everyone else? Will I ever be a mom?”

‘6 years old, she showed up at my house in the pouring rain and blurted out, ‘They said they don’t want me anymore. You can have me.’: Mom of 6 shares emotional adoption journey

“I was 24 years old, single, living in a different country, and already had two children. But I knew in my gut Michaelle staying with me was the right thing. After a few months, she scooted over in her bed and said, ‘Look, mom, we have room for one more.’ I nearly choked, but I couldn’t deny I felt the same tug in my spirit. Little did I know, she had a sister.”

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