‘Autism is sad. But I am not.’

“That urge to peek at the last page of my story has gone away. My heart feels secure. I am ok not with autism, but certainly with Sadie.”

An Open Letter to My First Born

“Nine years is a long time to be ‘the only’ and you’ve been so much more than my only- you’ve been my every.”

How a stranger reminded me that raising little ones is magical

I didn’t notice her at first. It was Saturday morning at McDonald’s. I was in the midst of cutting up pancakes, getting straws in milk and generally trying to keep our three sons quiet and (somewhat) under control. And, out of the corner of my eye, I noticed a woman, gazing at our table. Her …

When Dementia Steals Mother’s Day

“Since that time I have been going through the motions of mourning the loss of my mother. Although she is still with us in body, she has passed away emotionally and cognitively long ago.”

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