‘I want to clean up the toys, but the mess makes it seem like they’re still here.’: Dad of 3 opens up about co-parenting struggles

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Co-parenting is by far the hardest thing I have ever had to go through.

Going from being with and seeing your children every day you wake up, to only getting to see them a few weekends out of the month is a living hell.

For those who are lucky enough to not have to go through this, let me paint you a picture.

It’s knowing they aren’t with you, but still going into their room at night to check on them.

It’s playing a song on the radio and looking back in the rearview mirror to see if they are singing, just to see empty car seats.

It’s driving past their school knowing they are in the building, and you have to keep driving, even though you haven’t seen them in over a week.

It’s wanting to clean up the toys after they leave, but just leaving the mess to make it seem like they are still there.

It’s turning on the TV just to see the Disney Channel is on, but not changing it because you don’t want to face the fact they aren’t there.

But the worst part about it all is dropping them back off on Sunday after your few short days with them, and they beg you not to go.

It feels like it will never get easier.

For other parents who are in a similar situation, do not worry about the now. Instead, work toward the future.”

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