‘Can you hear in your dreams?’: Adorable daddy daughter duo are normalizing deaf, hearing loss conversations on TikTok

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A little girl named Kylee and her dad, TJ, have a popular TikTok channel that aims to normalize deafness and hearing loss. Oftentimes their viewers send in questions about what it’s like being deaf.

Kylee and TJ have covered topics like whether Kylee’s friends and teachers can speak ASL, what a cochlear implant feels like, and whether she can enjoy music at all. The little girl answers all of these queries with grace — and a whole lot of spunk!

father and deaf daughter answer questions about the deaf community in the car on Tiktok

In one of their most popular videos, Kylee tackles the question, “Does Kylee hear in her dreams?” TJ admits that he doesn’t know, so he asks the resident expert.

“No,” she answers in both English and ASL. “I’m deaf all the time.”

“Buttt,” she adds, “everyone knows sign in my dreams.”

Kylee says, “Yeah, that’s cool,” before giving a spirited, “Byeee!” to her many fans. The video has been viewed almost 12 million times so far! Watch it below to see Kylee’s cute (and fascinating!) response, and be sure to share.

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