‘He took his skates off and said, ‘You spent the whole time on your phone doing your job. You didn’t even watch me.’ I was shocked.’: Mom learns important lesson about screen time, ‘Little eyes are watching’

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“Last week, I brought my son to his hockey practice.

It had been a long day, and honestly, I was so excited to sit in the bleachers, put my feet up, and relax.

And of course, I was happy to watch my son.

For the next hour I watched him do drills, scrolled through Facebook, answered work emails, and peeked at Pinterest.

When I met him after to take his skates off, the first thing he said to me was, ‘You spent the whole time on your phone doing your job. You didn’t even watch me.’

I was shocked.

I didn’t even know he paid attention to me. I felt horrible.

I had watched him. But I had also went on my phone.

For the next 5 minutes he scolded me. A full role-reversal. The child scolding the parent for technology time.

Tonight, we had practice again and you can bet I watched every second of that practice.

I didn’t look at my phone once. And guess what I saw…

My son looked up at me a dozen plus times.

He waved. He smiled. He showed off a bit. He knew exactly where my eyes were.

He taught me a lesson, this one.

Be present. Little eyes are watching.”

Courtesy of KT Swenson

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