‘How many people did you cross today? 5. Maybe 30? It takes 2 minutes to alter someone’s day.’: In wake of mass shootings, mom urges us to take 2 minutes to spread ‘kindness’

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“Sister, brother, it’s time for a movement.

A cultural shift. A paradigm. And it’s going to take all of us.

It has become far too easy to hide behind a keyboard and spew hate to strangers. We argue over parenting styles, politics, religion, race and everything in between. Don’t get me wrong, I am all for freedom of speech, but when that freedom crosses a line of pure unfiltered hate – we have a problem.

What happened to love? What happened to kindness?

What happened to building bridges, instead of putting up walls?

I know there is evil out there, sis. I know we live in times that I never wished for my children. I’m not naive to it. But, I refuse to let evil and hate paralyze me. I refuse to stop loving and letting hate win.

Especially now. Especially when the world needs more understanding and less comparison. More compassion and less judgement. More coming together and less isolation.

How many people did you come across today?

Five. Maybe 30? The tired mama in Target pushing her crying toddler, did you see her? The man behind you in line at the Starbucks drive thru he looked worried and tired, did you see him? The mom who always seems to be left out of the latest gatherings, did you see her?

But beyond seeing them, did you do something?

Y’all, it takes two minutes to alter someone’s day. Two minutes.

We have to start looking up. We have to start truly seeing one another. I know life is busy. I know we are all moving 100 mph, but we have to start offering a hand instead of a cold shoulder.

There are people out there struggling. There are people out there longing to feel connected. To feel seen. All it takes is one smile. A commiserating, ‘I’ve been there, mama.’ One hello. Buy a coffee for the person behind you. That waitress busting her butt at the fast food diner? Tip her and tell her how much potential she has. Write a quick note to a friend. Send that text message.

Do something. Anything.

I’m not giving up. I refuse to sit down and remain silent. There are little eyes watching, mama.

The other day while dining at a local restaurant our waitress took our order without writing it down. She was clearly incredibly bright and working harder than anyone there. I felt compelled to encourage her, so I left a tip larger than the price of the meal itself.

I also sent my family hand-written notes in the mail to encourage them and to let them know I’m thinking of them.

What will you do with your two minutes?”

Courtesy of Jennifer

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