If You Allow My Kid’s Tantrum To Ruin Your Night – That’s Your Problem, Not Mine

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“Let’s normalize smiling at moms who have decided to step out of their comfort zones and take their children out – whether that’s for breakfast, lunch, dinner, or even a glass of wine.

Smile at them.

Don’t glare at them with a judgmental look in your eyes. Offer a silent, ‘You’re doing great’ instead of a glare that screams nothing but judgment.

We are already stressed out. We do not need you adding to it.

The past two days on our vacation, I’ve been so disappointed.

I thought people would be more welcoming to children. Though there are a few, they are the exception, and not the norm. When my kid smiles and waves at you, smile back. It takes less than a second to make his day.

Have we become so unhappy in our own lives that a few seconds of my kid crying at a restaurant can literally ruin your time?

If you allow my kid’s tantrum to ruin your night – that’s your problem, not mine.

Just remember- in order for me to teach my children about social situations, they have to experience them.”

Mom hugs her two sons while sitting outside at a restaurant while on vacation in Switzerland
Courtesy of Samantha

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