‘If you’re a momma and I invite you to hang out, please know I am inviting you AND YOUR KID!’

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“I’ve often heard that getting pregnant will always show you who your real friends are. Many people will talk to the mother before and throughout the whole pregnancy, but never really show up for anything once the baby is born. They will leave the mother to sit at home, never stopping in or checking up on her.

Depression in women who recently had children is so common and so real, it’s crazy that we don’t do more to take care of the people beside us.

Women need other women! People my age are starting their families and I think that it is so important for them to have a strong support system. To think that your friends will abandon you because they don’t want to deal with you having a child is heartbreaking and terrifying. Mom’s already go through so much, having a child takes so much strength; I don’t want my friends to think they have to go through it alone.

So, if you’re a momma and I invite you to hang out please know that I am inviting you AND YOUR KID! PLEASE don’t think you got to find a sitter or something to come chill w Me! If we going to lunch? Your lil baby coming too! Nervous about them crying to needing changed? Don’t be! That’s what kids do, girl. I am not bothered by you raising your child!

I just truly want my mom friends to know that they’re loved and that their child is not a burden!”

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Ryn Ricco

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