‘If you’re not busy on Monday, you can come see me in the hospital?’ We left our info with this stranger. He showed up for 6 hours, talking and calming us down.’: Mom touched by waiter’s outstanding act of kindness

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“We went to Olive Garden a few days before Tommy’s surgery. We had an amazing server who played well with our children when we warned him this would most likely be the craziest table of the night. But no, he said he loves kiddos!

Sometime throughout the night, Tommy mentioned his surgery. Our server, Drew Lewis, sat with Tommy, got him buckets of mints and just talked through it all.

Tommy says, ‘If you’re not busy on Monday, you can come see me in the hospital?’

You know what? We left our info with him and this man (in college to become an Akron police officer), who has many things to do in life, showed up on Monday and sat with family he didn’t even know, for 6 1/2 hours out of the 8 1/2 hours of surgery.

He talked with us, calmed us, took our mind off things and got to know us and our friends.

Courtesy Krista Gallagher

Turns out he’s a lot like Tommy – really, Tommy’s soul twin. He stood in that ICU waiting for Tommy to open his eyes so he could fulfill his promise to an 8-year-old boy he did not know.

He got a card and his entire class and commander to sign it, with an Akron police shirt! With an extra surprise that comes later.

That, my friends, is AN OUTSTANDING HUMAN BEING! There are still amazing people in this world and Drew is one of the few!

There are no words to describe the feels felt by my family and I for this random act of kindness.

Since then he’s been here again to visit, and canceled all his plans to be here for my baby. God sent Tommy an angel to be with him and we are so thankful! THANK YOU IS NOT ENOUGH.”

Courtesy Krista Gallagher

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