‘I’m too tired and anxious to click another one of those Pinterest articles titled, ’17 Ways to Be a Better Mother.’ I just can’t.’: Mom dedicates herself to self care in 2020

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“I’m too tired and anxious to click another one of those Pinterest articles titled, ’17 Ways to Be a Better Mother’. I just can’t. I know I’m not winning any parenting awards, but I know the neighbors aren’t going to call the cops. My kids know I love them and that’s the highest aspiration I can afford right now. Because I am SO burned out.

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I’m not perfect. I’m an anxious mother of two, whose anxiety manifests as anger. And instead of getting burnt out again – this year I’m putting more of my effort into me! It’s all about self-care for me in 2020. Self-care is taking good care of your body, your mind, and your spirit. You choose to improve and not damage your physical, mental, or emotional health. This is a journey and not a destination for me.

Courtesy of Meg Harrell

I’m feeling the effects of putting everyone’s needs above mine. I feel guilty. I wake up and run through my mental to do list and the previous day’s failures. My kids don’t respect my needs. My clients push me around. It’s time to show everyone, including myself, where the standard is for how you treat ‘Meg’.

Courtesy of Meg Harrell

What ISN’T Self Care?

Self care is not something I will force myself to do. It’s something that’s going to fuel me and not drain me. I like editing video and writing. I would rather do that than get my nails done or take a bath. So setting time aside for myself, for things that fuel me, will be my self care.

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I will choose to find quiet moments away from the chaos. I will feed my mind good things and not bad things (like that click-bait sad story on FB. I’m gonna scroll right past it!). I will not take on the mental burden or guilt of others this year.

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My personal self care is more important than the crumbs on my car floor. I’m going to let crap like that go. It will not bother me like it used to. Like Elsa said, ‘Let it go!’

When I was stressed I ate garbage. Not literal garbage, but sugary, salty nonsense that only makes me feel bloated and tired. I will be diligent in taking my multivitamins, eating a vegetable here and there, and saying ‘no thank you’ to the overindulgence.

Courtesy of Meg Harrell

I will also love my body in the mirror. I’m sick of giving myself a full body scan as I look for imperfections. I like it. It’s mine. I will love who is in the mirror. Because this body is a gift from God. I will choose to be grateful.

This year I will choose to look more for God. I will pray instead of panic. I will search for answers instead of believing everything told to me. I will love God more and love my neighbor more.

Courtesy of Meg Harrell

Self-care is not always bubble baths and walking away from negative people. I think it’s when you get to the point in life where you are done ignoring your own needs. I think this is all too common for my fellow mommies. We are super women who can do anything – but that doesn’t mean we have to do everything! It’s exhausting and you need to take care of yourself so you can better love and serve your loved ones.

Courtesy of Meg Harrell

There’s my soap box rant for 2020. This is me. I’m finally choosing self-care over self-destruction disguised as selflessness. It’s time for Mommy. Cheers to the Year of the Mommy!

Who’s with me?!”

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