‘Things will droop. Little people are watching. The physical features you once hated now define you. Embrace them.’: Mom shares candid lessons on ‘self-love’ learned in her 30s

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“Things no one tells you about loving yourself in your 30s..

Things will droop.

After babies, after sleepless nights.

But, with awareness and reflection, you come to admire the strength in every one of those stripes of life.

The woman looking back at you in the mirror is wiser every day.

She’s part your mother and part your own unique self.

Trust her.

People will try to cheapen your self-love with promises of the perfect glow, hair color, or skin tone.

Don’t chase the elusive rabbit (or go broke in the process).

Aim for healthy, and you will land on confidence.

The physical features you may have once hated now define you.

Embrace them.

These parts of you are what friends and family come to adore because they are the realest parts of you.

Channel that positive energy into improving other parts of your life (and you will make the world better).

Little people are now watching.

Show them a woman doesn’t have to run herself into the ground to be loved.

But, when she waters her own roots, she grows…and gives shade to her seeds.

The woman inside only needs you to love her.

No man will make her come alive.

No product will make her come alive.

But, by the grace of God, I swear:

She is ready to bloom.”

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Courtesy of Lauren Fortenberry

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