‘It’s the nicest thing you can do for a mom. Getting hand-me-downs. Mothers giving other mothers their kids’ clothes that don’t fit anymore.’

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“You know what makes me feel solidarity in motherhood? Like I have a village? Getting hand-me-downs. Mothers giving other mothers their kids’ clothes that don’t fit anymore.

When I was pregnant with Luca and found out I was having a boy, a friend of my sister’s gave me their bags full of clothes, even though she had never met me. She even gave me a belly band to support me after pregnancy.

Sofia’s first outfits when she was born were given to me by a friend who would have put them on her child if he were a girl, and I still have comments on how beautiful they were.

Over the weekend a friend of mine loaded me up with jackets and shoes, mostly new with tags for my son James.

And I think it’s the nicest thing you can do for a mom.

Not all kids clothes are expensive, but it all adds up. Kids grow like Chia pets and come home from the park or daycare looking like they’ve been in a war zone, and I don’t even know what shoe size they are anymore because I’m sure Luca is taking steroids from how fast his feet grow.

Getting a bag of clothes from another mom is like she’s giving you a piece of her heart, clothes always hold sentimental value and that little dinosaur t-shirt that she packs in a bag to give to you reminds her of the adventures her little one had in it. They hold memories and they hold love. I even have a jacket that was my favorite jacket when I was little to give to Sofia when she’s a bit older and when they’re done with their stuff, I will pass it on to the next Momma until it’s too old to pass.

So, when a mother gives you pre-owned clothes, she’s saying you’re a part of her village and this is the best way she can support you in modern times.

So, to all the mamas who have given me and other mothers their children’s loved pre-owned clothes, you are amazing. Thank you for showing me and other mothers that you have our backs and that in this village of motherhood, we are all in it together.

Sofia rocking some hand me down Ralph Lauren… (you’d never catch me buying this brand new, so thanks Kat!)”

Little girl standing on staircase in home in white hand-me-down dress
Laura Mazza

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