Man Greets Girlfriend Every Single Friday With Personalized ‘Welcome Home’ Sign At Airport

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“About two years ago while working at a local hotel, I met him. Rob was a regular and the staff’s favorite guest. He never checked in empty-handed, bringing in coffee, doughnuts or cookies for the staff. My oblivious self did not realize that this was all to capture my attention. Don’t worry, I finally caught on and we went on our first date one March afternoon. It was the typical first date – a dinner and a movie (Zootopia), but it was so casual and comfortable that we have not gone a day without talking to each other ever since.

Boyfriend waits for girlfriend at airport with a high heel and sign saying, "waiting for my cinderella"
Kelli Welsh

Our attraction for each other grew as we discovered a mutual love in traveling, dining experiences, breweries and comics. We really appreciate that we can be our true nerdy selves without any restrictions. Rob is one of the most caring, creative, and kindest persons I have ever met. I still wonder to this day how I managed to capture the attention of someone so charming.

boyfriend greets girlfriend with hand-drawn "world's best girlfriend" sign at airport
Kelli Welsh
boyfriend picks up girlfriend at airport with sign mimicking an exit sign saying, “Home” with his name on it
Kelli Welsh

As our relationship continued to grow, I began a new career in consulting. This means traveling on a weekly basis and seeing Rob only on the weekends. But I always look forward to Fridays to make more memories. I have no idea how he was inspired to start creating them, but every Friday I have the blessing of being surprised by my own personalized ‘Welcome Home’ sign.

boyfriend makes a sign of a wizard granting girlfriend three wishes; to come home, have her boyfriend, and starbucks
Kelli Welsh

He takes the time each week to create a new sign personalized with love notes or inside jokes and the most detailed drawings I have ever seen on a white board. Sometimes it will be about a movie we just went to watch, our favorite television show, a concert we were headed to or something festive. This shows just how creative this guy can be. I even have Snapchat followers that look out for the newest sign on my story.

boyfriend makes sign for girlfriend with food puns on it at airport pickup
Kelli Welsh
girlfriend is picked up by boyfriend at airport with sign saying, "Asheville, NC" and drawing of beer mugs
Kelli Welsh
Kelli Welsh

Although I never know where I will be headed the next week, I do know where I will end up every Friday. That is in my soulmate’s arms back in our home in Richmond, Virginia. No matter how many flights, delays, or rough work calls I have had, my week ends with finding Rob at the airport with his personalized sign. This tradition has created more anticipation and excitement than I thought possible, and I know each Friday holds a special surprise just for me. Rob’s eye for detail and creative works are what help me get through each long trip and demonstrate how much I am valued to him. I have never been so blessed to have him in my life. The signs are amazing, but it is Rob that I cherish the most.”

Kelli Welsh
Kelli Welsh

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